Saturday, 1 January 2011

Heres to the new year

Well I have found the last two weeks quite difficult emotionally and professionally. With those aching doubts about every aspect of my life and the things that I have prided myself upon since I made the move to London. In my celebrations to ring in the new year I found myself thinking about where my work would take me and whether I was following the right paths to accomplish my goals. Then I realised there is no right or wrong way to become successful. So long as you believe in yourself ultimately you are already half way there.
So I'm back to building my portfolio and trying to find out who I am as an artist while further building up my lingerie line. I feel I fell short in what I had wanted to achieve with the line. Mainly because I felt I was being rushed and because I had lost faith in what I wanted to achieve. Now I feel more invigorated and ambitious than ever, so look out for some new designs in the next 8wks.
So on this new years day I awoke feeling that I had to stop fighting who I was as a person and make those changes that I have so yearned for throughout the year.
So I'm gonna list them so that they are a constant reminder:
1. Get a fringe hahaha I am but a fickle creature.(accomplished chopped it myself)
2. Reclaim my figure
3. Be even more ambitious
4. Socialise more in the industry
5. Visit and review more exhibitions
6. Create more work with concepts
7. Participate in an exhibition

By sticking to these guidelines in the coming year I can see it being a fruitful and rewarding year.
Tomorrow I'll pop back to the Tate or perhaps the Serpentine and revisit the Gaugin or Phillipe Pareno exhibitions and write up a review for them, less procrastination more action.

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